Quiz Night
Fundraiser: LIONS Edition

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July 24th 8:30pm EAT


USD$4000+ raised!
580+ people fed
250+ Food Bags Distributed

Virtual Quiz Night Fundraiser

COVID-19 has affected us all in many different ways. One thing that we're all doing to flatten the curve is practice social distancing, and staying home as much as possible.

Instead of sitting alone at home, why not have some fun in a virtual pub-style quiz night? Convince your friends to join your team virtually or join one at random. Think you have what it takes to fly solo? Then enter as a team of one! The 2nd edition of Quiz Night will be focused on Lions International!

All proceeds go to people living in Kenyan Slums. 60% of the Kenyan population live in slums, and 50% are unemployed, with the majority being unskilled workers, meaning many have been laid off because of COVID-19. One of the large concerns right now is that these people literally do not and cannot get basic necessities like food. A recent food distribution attempt resulted in a stampede and many people were injured. All profits raised will go directly to helping these people.

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Tickets are KES1,000.

Send KES1,000 per person to 0759989033 via MPesa.
Input the quantity of tickets you have purchased and select continue.
Follow the prompts and fill out your details.
On the last screen you'll be asked to input your MPesa Confirmation Number.

We'll send out a survey and build your teams up before the event starts. Note: Max of 4 people per team

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've purchased your tickets, and before the quiz night, we'll send out an email with a form where you can build your team. If you originally selected a random team or flying solo ticket but want to be put into a group, shoot us an email at quiznightorg [at] gmail.com and we'll sort it out.
Unfortunately at this time we can't refund tickets. If you're able to find someone to take your spot, we can swap it for you. Shoot us an email at quiznightorg [at] gmail.com so we can swap the details on our end.
We'll be using Zoom for the event. Please make sure you're using a computer or smartphone compatible with Zoom. The connection details will be emailed to you and you can join once the event starts.
The money collected from this fundraiser will go to frontline workers and folks laid off as a direct result of COVID-19, in Kenya. We'll be partnering with a distribution channel to help get food and essential resources to the people who need it most.
If there's interest then yes! Fill out the contact form below to join the list and we'll email you to let you know about future events.
You can send your MPesa payment to 0759989033. After that, use the Pay Via MPesa option above to register. Once you've selected your ticket you'll be asked for your MPesa confirmation number. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me at quiznightorg@gmail.com.
Absolutely! The winners will be crowned the ULTIMATE QUIZ NIGHT CHAMPION! We will also be announcing some prizes soon.
Lions International is a global group of leaders enacting change around the world. Some of the questions will focus on Lions International, some on COVID-19, and the rest will be general knowledge.